You can easily work at home online, and make a handsome monthly income just by clicking ads in some trusted sites called (PTC) Paid TO Click. so if you want to gain money read this guide but if you wonna listen money click here
joining PTC site is absolutely free click to view

you can make up to $3 monthly in every site but you can increase that income by referring other to this site and gain up to %100 from their earnings we will take the global average of many sites %50 of your referrals earnings

Let's talk with Numbers:
Monthly earning from 1 site ............................................. = $3.00
monthly earning from 1 site with only 20 referrals ..= 3 X 20 X %50 = $30.00
your total earning from 1 site with 20 referrals ........................= $33.00
your total earning from 20 sites with 20 referral each ....= 33 X 20 = $660.00
and you can increase that income by referring others or upgrade membership

How can you Grab that cash with both hands ??
when you reach the minimum payout in any site which is $1 to $10 (depend on site T.O.S) then you can request your payment and you will receive it on your Alertpay account that you previously created and at the end of every month you request money transfer from alertpay bank by many methods wire transfer, bank transfer, or by Western union and many more methods to transfer money

how to make all of that?? Only three easy steps like 1..2..3

1-first step: you need a new email (better to use Gmail)

2- Second step: you have to own an alertpay account for free.
it's strongly recommended that you signup alertpay with an new E-mail specially created to bank accounts only

3- third step you can start joining PTC sites click here to see PTC sites

and I'm sure that you will find it too easy to register
then you go back to the PTC site
and click on ( view Ads ) page
you have now to click on ads , you click one ad then a new window will open
with a timer in the upper corner ( 30 or 20 sec ) , after the time ends you will see a green message or sign told you that account has been credited with this ad.
Then you close the window and click on the next ad etc.. till you finish all the ads
you will do that daily to receive money .

How to get referrals?
you will have a link in your profile called referral link
invite your friends to signup with your referral link,
or go to forum and make some referrals exchanges
or post a thread in specialized forums like PTCtalk & Earn Money Space
and you can join them for free
so it's very easy to refer 20 even 50 persons to your account with you ref link
which looks like this : and you will easily find it in your account

Important notes :
** Don't create more than one account
** Read T.O.S. ( term of service ) of every site you join
** some sites have a cheat link , make sure not to click it
** be active and click daily
** don't join every PTC site you see because %90 of them is scam sites
but you can promote you ref link that you already have as many as you can
to gain more referrals in few trusted sites
** Upgrade you membership is the best site you like to gain more money
and feel free to contact me for any inquiry or support.
Hope happy clicking




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